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No time for Social Media, Internet Marketing and Website Updates?

No worries, we do it all for you! 3A Social Business and Web makes it easy for you!


Website updates, internet marketing and social media take a lot of time to be done the right way!

We are always looking at the calendar, ready for the next holiday or special day to be ready and compete


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Keeping your website updated can be a hassle if you're busy doing other things or don't want to maintain it yourself. But when your company's information changes, it's important to update your website so that it is not unattended and out of date.


Our most popular service, management of your Social Media, Internet Marketing (SEO and Pay per Click) and Website Updates for $320 monthly!

As your Social Business and Website administrator we do:



Website updates in a timely fashion. This will let your website visitors know what's happening today, new products or services, upcoming and past events, latest newsletters, updating out-of-date information, new pictures, etc.




Internet Marketing. SEO and Paid Search are two powerful strategies to obtain a search engine visibility.


With Search Engine Optimization, a high ranking in Organic or Free search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. is attained by changing a websites' code, content, structure and navigation to make it attractive to the search engine. After making these changes, there is an ongoing process, to maintain your search engine positioning not only because your competitors are constantly working for better positioning but also because search engines are always changing too.


Our SEO service includes:


Consultation, we want to ensure that we fully understand your business, products and services, target market and overall goals.

Current Website State Analysis, we evaluate your website's information structure, content, keywords, and other factors critical to success.

Competitive Analysis, we evaluate your primary competitors (local and global) websites in order to "level set" your online marketing strategy.
Organic Search Strategy, we will develop a cost-effective online marketing strategy with detailed activities, dates and goals, all to target specific search words and phrases.
Personalization, we select the right options for your business and website.
Execution, we implement the strategy, based on proven results to help you succeed.


With Paid Search or Pay Per Click advertising (PPC),  a high ranking in ad placement paid in search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. is attained by managing ads campaigns.

It is important to understand the different between Organic Search and Pay Per Click Search. Organic is free, VERY competitive, not as targeted and most importantly requires an extended period (3-6 months) to see benefit.

On the other hand, Pay Per Click Search requires a fee every time someone clicks on an ad appearing in a search engine result page and visits your website. The "per click fee" is based on your marketing budget through a bid process. The higher the bid for a specific keyword and the more effective your ad, the higher your site will rank in the paid search results. Some benefits of PPC are immediate return with qualified leads and sales, easily measurable results, highly targeted ad placement and controllable and flexible marketing costs among others.


paid search results



Our Pay Per Click service includes:


Keywords Research
Campaign creation and effective implementation
Optimizing landing pages to accelerate search engine quality scoring
Demographic & geographic targeting
Real time Monitoring of the campaign
Campaign Reporting
Tracking traffic through analytics program
Conversion analysis
Cost per conversion monitoring (the lower the better)
Cost per click management
Ongoing testing to increase conversion rates


Pay per click is an ongoing process, it requires close monitoring; performance measurement data must be analyzed and adjusted to insure continual long term results and maximizing of your marketing budget.

We want to establish and grow a lasting relationship based on our effort and integrity.



Social Media Management. The content you post or share, is like a business card that can be easily referred to and "passed along" to friends and associates. Getting your customers to refer you can be as simple as sharing good content that's worth passing along.



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